Anim’Os –bringing bones to life, following in the footsteps of an archaeo-zoologist

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In partnership with INRAP (French National Institute for Preventive Archaeological Research) 

What relationship did our ancestors have with animals? An archaeo-zoologist studies remains such as bones, horns, shells and fish skeletons in an attempt to answer this question.
Whether they were bred, hunted, used for their strength or cherished and treated like a pet, animals played a central role in the history of humankind. Now it’s your turn to have a look at the bones and other animal remains found on an archaeological dig site so that you can retrace their history.

  • Price: child: € 8 / Adult price: € 12 (full), € 9 (reduced), € 4 (member) Family offer (2 adults + 2 children 7-17 years old): € 32
  • Duration: 2h 7-12 years old with accompanying adult

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