European days of heritage

Du au 19 September


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Sensory dig

Objects are revealed as much by eye as by touch. This workshop will give you a whole new insight into archaeological digs.

  • The Musée de la Romanité gardens
  • Free, no booking required, subject to availability
  • 7-12 years, suitable for children with a visual impairment

Talk and signing session

Understanding difference: the status of people with disabilities in past societies

This talk will cover how “different bodies” found their place in human groups in the past, using techniques drawn from funerary archaeology and an anthropological framework. What was daily life like for someone with a disability? Were they looked after by their family? Rejected? Cared for? Supported? Properly equipped? With current advances in archaeology, we are able to come up with an increasingly accurate interpretation to answer these questions and reflect on how difference was perceived in the societies that preceded ours. This research enables us to discover the status of people with disabilities in the societies of yesteryear to encourage debate and collective reflection on their place in contemporary society.

Talk followed by a signing session

By Valerie Delattre, Archaeological Anthropologist at INRAP (French National Institute for Preventive Archaeological Research) and Research Fellow at the UMR CNRS 6298 ArTeHiS faculty at the University of Burgundy

In partnership with INRAP

  • Auditorium at the Musée de la Romanité – Access through the gardens
  • Free, no booking required, subject to availability