The matrone and the whore


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By Cyril Dumas, curator of the Musée des Baux-de-Provence

Roman art is recognised for many features and paying tribute to the beauty of women is one of them. The sensuality of the Roman woman is what made her desirable, and artists of the era outdid each other in their portrayals of the pleasure of women. These depictions cast women as subject to the desires of men, or even worse, as complacent victims of their most demeaning instincts. This conference delves into the identity and status of the artist’s model, using the portraits themselves to identify either the matron or the whore. Such an investigation implies taking a look at public morals in confrontation with artistic conventions.

Duration: 1 hour
Free, no booking required, subject to availability
Auditorium of the Musée de la Romanité – 4 rue de la République