The Roman emperor, a mortal among the Gods

Du au 19 September


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Augustus’ Principate, a brand-new political framework

Augustus’ death and his deification Mourning for a city and an Empire – Frédéric Hurlet, Professor of Roman history at the Université de Paris-Nanterre

  • Wednesday 16th June, 6:15pm-7pm

Les Res Gestae Divi Augusti – John Scheid, Professor Emeritus at the Collège de France

  • Wednesday 30th June, 6:15pm-7pm

The ‘Imperial cult’ in Gaul

The Imperial cult in the Three Gauls – William Van Andringa, Research Director at the École Pratique des Hautes Études

  • Wednesday 9th June, 6:15pm-7pm

From Dalmatia (Narona) to Judea (Samaria) and Provence (Nîmes): what were the first Augustan (imperial cult) sanctuaries called and what were they used for? – Pierre Gros, Professor Emeritus at the Université d’Aix-en-Provence

  • Saturday 23rd June, 6:15pm-7pm




Imperial ideology and visual arts

Staging the return of the golden age in Augustan theatres – Gilles Sauron, Professor Emeritus of Roman archaeology at Sorbonne University

  • Saturday 26th June, 6:15pm-7pm

‘Deified’ imperial figures – Emmanuelle Rosso, Professor of art history and archaeology of the Roman world at Sorbonne University

  • Saturday 26th June, 5:45pm-6:30pm

The various forms of ‘imperial cult’ throughout the Empire

The ‘Augustan Gods’ in the Greek world: Hellenistic heritage and imperial ideology– Anna Heller, Professor of Ancient History at the Université de Tours

  • Saturday 11th September, 6:15pm-7pm

The imperial cult in Hispania Citerior, the example of Tarragona – Isabel Roda, Professor of classical archaeology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona

  • Tuesday 14th September, 6:15pm-7pm


Wikipedia Contribution Days

Find out about and add information to the free encyclopaedia on the theme of the ‘imperial cult’.

  • Thursday 10th, Friday 11th June, 9am-5pm

Afternoon tea conferences

Conferences on specific but rather original topics, organised in the relaxed setting of an afternoon tea — Association ‘Les têtes renversantes’

  • Saturday 4th, Sunday 5th September, 11am-3pm (30/45 min conference)

Virtual tour

Tour of the virtual model of Rome: ‘Places of power in Rome’ – Philippe Fleury, Professor of Latin and Director of the CIREVE (Interdisciplinary Center of Virtual Reality), Université Caen-Normandie.

  • Saturday 18th September, for the European Heritage Days, 5:30pm-6:45pm