Building archaeology    


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The European Archaeology Days introduce you to archaeology and its many disciplines to raise awareness about archaeological heritage preservation. This is the perfect opportunity to come and chat with the Inrap archaeologists and the museum’s team during unique visits and activities.

Workshop-Demonstration : Building archaeology   

In partnership with Inrap (French National Institute for Preventive Archaeological Research)

Buildings, much like artefacts retrieved during excavations, are another major tangible legacy of humans, constituting their living environment. The archaeological study of these remains (walls, frameworks, windows, painted plaster, graffiti, etc.) facilitates the interpretation of the evolution of lifestyles, construction techniques and architectural styles in relation to social developments. Building analysis, which bears witness to the past, is an integral part of the field of archaeology and an essential part of preventive research.                

Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 June – From 10am to 12:30pm and 1:30pm to 6pm

Museum lobby
Activities and EAD guided tours : free of charge
No reservation

Special EAD entrance price : €6 instead of €9