The Aeneid book IV 


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The Aeneid a national epic celebrating the Roman people is a poem of 12 books that recounts the journey of Aeneas from the fall of Troy to Latium in Italy. Book IV, the most famous, is the ‘tragedy’ of Dido, the great queen of Carthage, who falls in love with the Trojan hero shipwrecked on her shores. It has inspired painters, playwrights and composers alike. Some excerpts are displayed in the rooms of the museum to give you a flavour of the words and spirit of Virgil, the great Roman poet (70-16 BC).

By Emma MORIN ( concept and direction) & a team of actors, dancers, musicians and opera singers from the Conservatoire de Nîmes.
In association with the Théâtre de Nîmes 

  • Sunday, 19 March – 11am

  • Duration : 50mn + discussing

  • Museum admission price, no additional fee

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