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- Festival tout simplement Hip-Hop

Excerpt: Simply Hip-Hop Festival Dance tour In partnership with Da Storm association and the Ayaghma company (choreographer: Nacim Battou) Saturday 29 October– 4.45pm  Once again the Simply Hip-Hop festival and Musée de la Romanité were eager to offer a unique experience to the public blending hip-hop culture with discovering our history. And they have succeeded with this…

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  • - In the footsteps of a child in Roman times

    Guided tour and workshop for young audiences

    Excerpt: Children’s visit, 7-12 years old This experience is a chance for young visitors to see what it was like to be a child in Roman times. From birth to adulthood when they become a Roman citizen, each child had a different story to tell as they grew up, played and learned, depending on their origins, age…