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The Musée de la Romanité in a whole different light!

While the Musée de la Romanité is waiting to be able to open its doors to visitors once again, you can take a unique 360° virtual tour. An exceptional experience up-close with the artworks and collections, to explore the museum in a whole different light…

A personalised tour in your own home, while you’re waiting to be able to exchange the virtual tour for a real one!

Explore the museum through 6 different sections, including full panoramas, a closer look at some of the artworks, unique viewpoints from angles you are not used to seeing, and some never-before-seen commentaries from our guides. Fly over the Maison de Gailhan to learn about how the Gauls lived, immerse yourself in the tradition of the severed heads, or the myth of the hero Bellerophon, etc.

In just a few clicks visitors can personalise the tour, stop off where they want, go back or skip ahead to the artwork of their choice and access content that has been created especially for this tour.

When culture is propelled into the future…

To bring this project to life, the museum chose to work with Impakt 360, a local digital start-up. It was also supported by the Open Tourisme Lab, a start-up incubator in Nîmes, and sponsored by the Occitanie region. This virtual tour will allow us to provide everyone with access to culture once again, via a fun and interactive experience available on a computer, tablet and smartphone.

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Virtual tour of the museum
Virtual tour of the museum