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Temporary exhibition
11 November 2021 – 8 March 2022


Portraits & secrets
of Roman women

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From July 21 and in accordance with the latest government announcements, continue to enjoy the Musée de la Romanité by presenting a health pass

Live the historical EXPERIENCE

  • 25 Centuries of history to explore
  • 5000 Exceptional pieces
  • 65 Multimedia devices
Collection du Musée de la Romanité - Nîmes

Plunge into the history of Nîmes

Let us guide you on a discovery of the Nîmes territory and everyday life of the people who lived here over 25 centuries…

Explore Nîmes in Roman times

Journey back to the origins of Nîmes, when the Gauls would worship the god Nemausus at the foot of the sacred source, then explore Nîmes in Roman times: monumental architecture, recreation of the living quarters of a Roman villa, statues and mosaics, everyday objects and objects related to worshipping the gods.

Your journey continues through the Middle Ages, through an imaginary world and a profound Christian faith engraved in stone. A display that will help you understand the influence of the Roman civilisation and the traces that can still be seen today, as permanent ancient references engraved into the history of Nîmes.

An interactive museum

The Musée de la Romanité is a new-generation interactive museum, thanks to the use of multimedia devices throughout the collections, for a surprising immersive experience and to see Nîmes in Roman times from a brand-new perspective.

This museum is located opposite the Arena of Nîmes and was designed in a contemporary style by architect Elizabeth de Portzamparc, with a glass covering draped over the facade, much like a wavy mosaic. The Musée de la Romanité is both a scientific and innovative museum, a real experience, with a book-gift shop, gourmet bistro-style restaurant overlooking the Arena, and a Mediterranean-style garden. Finally, there’s a breath-taking view of the most beautiful monuments of Nîmes from the 360° rooftop.

The Musée de la Romanité is the gateway to understanding Nîmes and the surrounding area

The Musée de la Romanité is much more than just a Gallo-Roman museum, it is also an archaeological museum where you can learn all about the Roman influence on the area throughout the centuries. Just like the other museums of Nîmes, it bears the “Musée de France” label. It is the biggest museum in the Gard and one of the most visited in the Occitanie region of France.



Visite-Atelier Jeune public

Youngsters will first discover this everyday object via the museum’s impressive collection of oil lamps, including how they’re made, what they’re used for and how they’re decorated. Then, they’ll become a potter for the day, using clay moulding techniques and choosing the decoration for their very own, personalised oil lamp. 7-12 years – Unaccompanied Ticket shop

The museum newsletter

The Musée de la Romanité awarded the Qualité Tourisme* label

Excerpt: The procedure began in the spring and the Musée de la Romanité in Nîmes was finally awarded the “Qualité Tourisme” label in October 2020. This French national label is valid for 5 years and is awarded following an audit to check more than 350 specific criteria, which is then validated by a visit from a ‘mystery…

360° virtual tour: The Musée de la Romanité is coming to you!

Excerpt: You can now take a 360° virtual tour of the Musée de la Romanité, in partnership with Impakt 360, a digital start-up based in Nîmes and Montpellier, specialised in creating 360° immersive content. An exceptional experience up-close with the artworks and collections, to explore the museum in a whole different light… A real experience of a virtual…


A real experience

Architectural interaction

Admire architect E. de Portzamparc’s creation, that invites the town into the museum

vis-à-vis entre la façade du musée et les arènes de Nîmes

The rooftop

Admire the fabulous 360° view that awaits you from the rooftop, overlooking the city of Nîmes

vue des arènes depuis le rooftop au couchant

The Café du Musée

visiteurs assis à la terrasse du café du musée de la romanité

The garden

Relax in the Mediterranean-style archaeological garden and find out how the plants came to be here and how they acclimatised.

visiteur admirant des fleurs dans le jardin archéologique du musée

The book-gift shop

intérieur de la librairie boutique du musée

La Table du 2

Chef Franck Putelat’s brasserie

intérieur du restaurant La Table du 2

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