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Plunge into a fabulous virtual tour, on a guided tour into a 3D model of Ancient Rome.

The public architecture of Ancient Rome is physical evidence of power. The basilicas, the mausoleums, imperial forums, columns, and of course the imperial cult temples were all built for the glory of those who commissioned them or to whom they were devoted. Since the end of the first century AD, the huge palace built by Domitian granted Palatine Hill recognition as a place of power, and the word ‘Palatium’ led to the French word ‘palais’, meaning ‘palace’ in English. Sometimes, certain troubling events in politics led to reconsidering celebrations of a predecessor and their memory would be excluded from official accounts: this was known as damnatio memoriae. Visitors can discover some of these monuments and understand how some of them were renamed or why their purpose was later reconsidered.

Tour of the virtual model of Rome: ‘Architecture and power in Rome – A virtual tour of the places of power in Rome during the 4th century AD’

The virtual tour is commented by Philippe Fleury, Professor of Latin and Director of the CIREVE (Interdisciplinary Center of Virtual Reality), Université Caen-Normandie

  • 1-hour conference and 15 min Q&A
  • Auditorium