Specific conditions for online sales – individuals

All purchases of entrance tickets or services from SPL Culture et patrimoine – Musée de la Romanité on the site of the Musée de la Romanité (Museum of Roman Civilisation) are exclusively governed by the present general conditions of sale.


SPL Culture et Patrimoine – Musée de la Romanité, designated as “Musée de la Romanité” in the present General Conditions of Sale
Siret number: 83019450200019
Registered office: Mairie de Nîmes, Place de l’hôtel de Ville, 30033 Nîmes Cedex 9
Local public corporation with capital of €80,000
RCS Nîmes 830 194 502
SIRET: 83019450200019
APE: 9103Z
Intra-community VAT n°: FR 72 830194502
CNIL declaration number: 2170711 v 0


The buyer recognises having read the present online sale conditions prior to validating his/her order. Any validation of the order implies acceptance of the general conditions, without exception. Consequently, the buyer declares and recognises that he/she has full knowledge of them and therefore waives the right to cite any other document.

The Musée de la Romanité reserves the right to adapt or modify the present specific online sale conditions at any time. In case of modification, the conditions of sale in force on the day when the order is given will be applied to each order.


3-1. Services to which the entrance tickets give entitlement
The entrance tickets available on www.musé are valid individually:
• for museum tickets to the exhibitions (permanent tour and temporary exhibitions)
• for passes (or corresponding gift coupons)
• for cultural mediation activities (guided visits, workshops, events,…)

Reduced and free tickets are not available for sale because they require the presentation of proof.

However, entrance tickets to exhibitions and guided visits for children aged 7 to 17 may be printed via the Internet site in the context of family tickets including 2 adult tickets and at least 2 children 7-17 years old (1 free ticket issued for 1 child aged 7-17, and a maximum of 4 reduced tickets issued for children aged 7-17).

3-2. Period of validity of entrance tickets delivered

Each entrance ticket delivered is valid only for the date or period specified on it.

The conditions of access and use of the entrance tickets are detailed in ARTICLE 12 of the present general conditions of sale.


The total price during validation of the order is the definitive price.
The prices for tickets and the total price of the order are specified in euros, including all tax.
The Musée de la Romanité reserves the right to modify its prices at any time.

ARTICLE 5 – order

The procedure for giving online orders includes the following stages:

1/ The buyer selects the chosen service:

• for the exhibitions, he/she selects the day of the visit and the number of entrance tickets desired per price
• for the guided visits, he/she selects the day and time and the number of entrance tickets desired per price
• for the passes, he/she selects the desired product

He/she is informed, in real-time when giving the order, of the availability of the desired entrance tickets. This is recorded in his/her shopping basket.

2/ The buyer creates an account by entering his/her email address and password or connects to his/her account if he/she has already created one.

Creating the account assumes the communication of information that is necessary and mandatory to processing the future order: first and last names, email address, geographical origin.

3/ The summary showing the whole of the order is displayed.

After having checked his/her order, read and validated the present general conditions of sale, the buyer makes the online payment for his/her order by securely communicating his/her bank details (numbers, date of card validity and card security code).
In case of a refusal by the payment centre concerned, the order is automatically cancelled.
Any payment of the order by the buyer constitutes irrevocable acceptance of the order, which cannot be changed.

4/ The entrance tickets ordered on this site must be printed by the buyer (see printing conditions below) by connecting to his/her personal account available at the online ticket sales area of the website

It is the responsibility of the buyer to make sure that the details communicated when giving the order are correct.

5/ Obtaining entrance tickets

The buyer may print the entrance tickets ordered on the online ticket sales area in PDF format or download his/her ticket to a portable telephone (m-ticket).

The buyer must print all of the entrance tickets contained in the order, without exception (one entrance ticket per visitor).

To print in PDF format:

The printed ticket is only valid if it is printed on paper that is blank on both sides without changing the print size, in portrait format (A4 vertical) with a laser or inkjet printer.
Good print quality is necessary. In case of an incident or poor print quality, the buyer must print his/her entrance tickets again.
The buyer must, before any order, make sure that he/she has the hardware and software configuration required for printing: a computer connected to the Internet with the Acrobat Reader version 8 or greater software, or equivalent software, and a printer.

To download the ticket onto the portable telephone:

If the buyer chooses to download his/her entrance ticket onto his/her portable telephone, he/she must make sure that the telephone is optimised to display the m-ticket. Also, the buyer may not claim the loss, theft or malfunction of the portable telephone when presenting the entrance ticket to access control.

In both cases, the barcode associated with the entrance ticket must under no circumstances be shielded from the optical reading carried out upon entry to the exhibition.


6-1. Payment procedures
The buyer pays for entrance tickets exclusively in euros and by bank card. The cards accepted are the following: CARTE BLEUE, VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS.

6-2. Payment transaction
The buyer’s bank account is debited the amount of the order as soon as the transaction is accepted by the payment centre.

6-3. Invoice
As soon as the transaction is performed, the buyer is informed in the window of the browser that sent the secure request. He/she receives confirmation of purchase by email.
He/she can print an invoice from his/her personal account accessible on the online ticket sales area of the website

6-4. Payment security
For all payments made when ordering entrance tickets on, the Musée de la Romanité uses a secure online payment system that encrypts the buyer’s bank card number using the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol.


As soon as the payment for the order is confirmed by the payment centre, the buyer receives an email confirming his/her order from the online ticket sales area of the Musée de la Romanité.
The confirmation email confirms receipt of the order and contains your unique order number.
Once the order is confirmed, the entrance tickets are available at any time in the buyer’s personal account in the online sales area of the website

ARTICLE 8 – liability

Except in the case of a malfunction of the website attributable to it, the Musée de la Romanité cannot be held liable for anomalies that may occur during ordering, processing, downloading or printing tickets, attributable either to the buyer or to the unforeseeable and insurmountable actions of a third party foreign to the service, or to a case of force majeure as defined in ARTICLE 11 of the present general conditions of sale.


The computerised registers, kept in the IT systems of the Musée de la Romanité or by any of the latter’s service providers, under reasonable conditions of security will be considered as proof of contract of sale, of its date, of orders and of payments made.
The orders and invoices are archived on a reliable and durable medium so as to correspond to a true copy in accordance with the article of the French Civil Code.

ARTICLE 10 – French data protection act

When giving the order over the Internet or when buying certain entrance tickets (e.g.: memberships) at the counters of the museum, the buyer is requested to give personal data (last and first name of the visitor, postal address, email address and/or telephone number). This data is necessary to process and monitor the said order and is also used in the case of a possible postponement or cancellation of the service to which the entrance right gives access.

The personal data collected is processed by the Musée de la Romanité in accordance with the regulation 2016/679, known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and in accordance with legal provisions relative to the protection of personal data arising from law n°78 – 17 dated 6 January 1978, known as the “French data protection act”:

The buyer is informed that this authorised processing of personal data has been declared to the French data protection authority (CNIL declaration number: 2170711 v0)

At any time, the buyer may access, modify, rectify and delete the personal data concerning him/her

He/she may subsequently at any time unsubscribe from the newsletter list and the list of third parties

He/she may exercise this right by sending an email to or a letter to:

SPL Culture et Patrimoine
Correspondant RGPD
16 Boulevard des Arènes
30000 Nîmes

The buyer may agree, at the time of the collection of his/her personal data, to receive information letters by SMS or by email and receive offers from partners of the Musée de la Romanité. For this, just inform the ticket office agents or check the corresponding boxes on the Internet site.


CANCELLATION: In case of force majeure, the SPL Culture et Patrimoine – Musée de la Romanité reserves the right to cancel or possibly postpone reserved visits. Force majeure is considered as any event of any kind whatsoever, unforeseeable and insurmountable and unintended by SPL Culture et Patrimoine, including but not limited to strikes, fires, floods and access prevention. In case of postponement, the SPL Culture et Patrimoine – Musée de la Romanité will propose several dates depending upon what is possible. If the visit is cancelled or if the proposed postponed dates are not convenient for the client, the client will be fully reimbursed for the amounts paid, excluding any other compensation or damages.

MODIFICATION: If the Musée de la Romanité has to modify the conditions for planned visits, the client is informed of this in writing and may express his/her position within the deadline given by the Musée de la Romanité.

In case he/she disagrees with the proposed changes within the given deadline, and this gives rise to the visit or services concerned being cancelled, the client may obtain reimbursement for the amount of the down payment paid for the reservation, corresponding to the cancelled services. If the client does not reply by the deadline, or replies late, he/she is deemed to agree with the proposed modifications.


12.1 Control of entrance tickets

All entrance tickets are systematically checked by optical identification of the bar codes printed on them.

Only entrance tickets having a barcode and statements that are perfectly readable are accepted. Any entrance ticket that is partially printed, soiled, damaged or unreadable cannot be accepted. For m-tickets, any smartphone screen that is scratched, damaged or has luminosity problems will be refused at the time of access control.

The entrance ticket is personal and non-transferable.

When the tickets are checked, proof of identity or any other proof relative to the price applied may be requested.

The Museum reserves the right to refuse entry in case an entrance ticket is presented that does not comply with the above conditions.

12.2 Access and compliance with the regulations by visitors:

Visitors are required to comply with the regulations for visiting the Musée de la Romanité, which can be consulted at the counters of the Museum or on the website

Any visitor not complying with the visit regulations may be refused access to the site without being able to claim any reimbursement of his/her entrance ticket.

Visitors may have to undergo a security search upon entry to certain sites. Access may be refused to any person refusing to submit to this or who is in possession of prohibited objects.

12.3 Procedures for the use of entrance tickets

In case of peak periods at the Museum, it might be necessary to wait at the entrance to the exhibitions.

Concerning entrance tickets with a guiding or mediation service, visitors must go to the reception desk on the ground floor of the Museum at least 15 minutes before the start of the visit.

The ticket is valid same day and any exit from the controlled area is considered definitive; for any reason requiring a new entrance ticket after exiting the controlled zone, the visitor is invited to contact the reception team with his/her ticket.

12.4 Conditions for the reimbursement and exchange of entrance tickets

Entrance tickets have no right of retraction in accordance with ART. L121-21-4 of the French Consumer Code.

Entrance tickets cannot be reimbursed or exchanged except in the case of cancellation or change of times by the Museum of the service concerned due to security imperatives or other cases of force majeure.

In such cases, the buyer will be offered: firstly, postponement of the service concerned to a different date and/or time and, failing this, the reimbursement of the entrance ticket concerned. Only the price of the ticket will be reimbursed. No other expenses of any kind whatsoever will be reimbursed or may be the subject of compensation.

The entrance tickets cannot be resold at a price greater than the face value of the ticket pursuant to the law dated 27 June 1919.


7.1 Fraudulent use of an entrance ticket

The museum will refuse access to the site to any bearer of an entrance ticket having a barcode that has already been scanned. Only the first person presenting an entrance ticket will be admitted. He/she will be assumed to be the legitimate bearer of the entrance ticket, the buyer being legally responsible for any copies made, notably from his/her email inbox.

7.2 Loss and theft of entrance ticket

The museum declines all responsibility in case of loss or theft of the tickets delivered, including within the confines of the site.

No duplicate ticket may be delivered, including in case of loss or theft.


Complaints must be sent to SPL Culture et Patrimoine within 8 days following the visit, by registered letter with return receipt.

SPL Culture et Patrimoine undertakes to give a written response. The relinquishment by the client of one or more services cannot be the subject of any reimbursement or compensation by SPL Culture et Patrimoine. Any dispute relative to the performance or interpretation of the present contract must be brought before the Nîmes courts.